Born and raised in Cincinnati, Gabe is the proud product of Cincinnati Public Schools. The son of a police officer and a Head Start program manager, who also served abroad as missionaries during Gabe’s childhood, Gabe is blessed with parents who exemplified servant leadership. Their example is what led to his desire to enter a life of public service. Their insistence that Gabe learn about the civil rights movement from an early age, and Gabe’s admiration for the advocacy of those who led the movement, like Thurgood Marshall, led to his decision to study and practice law.

After attending high school at the Seven Hills School on a scholarship, Gabe said goodbye to his parents and three younger sisters and attended Yale. While at Yale, Gabe worked in the library to help pay for his textbooks, and he served in student government. After graduating from Yale with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Gabe saw an opportunity to serve his home community through AmeriCorps as a Public Ally. He returned to Cincinnati to work in low-income neighborhoods, advocating and organizing for the reduction of health disparities. 


After a year of being back in Cincinnati, Gabe went on to Harvard Law School, where he learned and honed his legal skills. While in law school, Gabe served on the Executive Board for the Black Law Student’s Association and worked as a student advocate at Harvard’s housing clinic, representing tenants facing foreclosure in court. 


After graduating from Harvard Law and taking the bar exam, Gabe was appointed to serve as an Assistant District Attorney with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. In that role, he enforced state criminal law and worked to protect the public by prosecuting offenses such as domestic violence, fraud, assault, robbery, and burglary. He conducted witness interviews, grand jury proceedings, motion practice, hearings, trial preparation, and trial. While serving as an ADA, Gabe also married his wife, Princess, a Xavier graduate who he met during his earlier service as a Public Ally. 

Gabe was then appointed to serve as a federal prosecutor in the Civil Rights Division of President Obama's Department of Justice. While in this position, he protected the civil rights of vulnerable persons by leading criminal investigations and prosecutions involving serious federal offenses, including official misconduct, obstruction of justice offenses, conspiracy, and hate crimes. Gabe prosecuted cases in jurisdictions and federal courts across the country including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, and Puerto Rico. He also provided counsel to numerous law enforcement offices and agencies. Gabe consistently won recognition from the Attorney General’s Office for his work at DOJ.

Despite his service to the broader country, home was always calling. After having their daughter, Lizzy, Gabe and Princess decided to move back to Cincinnati to raise their daughter in the city they love to call home. Currently, they live in Pleasant Ridge. Gabe is a trial lawyer with Frost Brown Todd and Princess is a therapist with a children's social service agency. Both are active in their community and neighborhood.